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POP-UP Etegami Workshop II

Etegami (絵手紙, lit. “picture letter”) is a Japanese folk art consisting of simple hand-painted drawings accompanied by a few meaningful words on postcards to be sent as greetings to loved ones.

The typical etegami consists of an outline of an image first drawn in black sumi ink and then colored in using watercolor paints.

The image is typically of something mundane, trivial... something you see in everyday life but normally take for granted.  Take a closer look at the things you touch or see everyday. Find that most beautiful angle and draw it!  The accompanying message is also up to you. It could be a proverb, an original poem, a straight sentence, or a wisecrack.  Say whatever it is that is bursting out of you.  

Join us to learn about this delightful traditional art form and experiment with your own 4x6" postcard creations.

Don't have a steady hand?  No worries, channel your wobbliness into an impressionistic work of art.  After all, the etegami motto is “heta de ii, heta ga ii” (roughly translated: Imperfection is fine; imperfection is good!). 

This workshop is free and open to the public.  To register, complete the form below.

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