JETRO CEO & Chairman Nobuhiko Sasaki


The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) is a government-related organization that works to promote mutual trade and investment between Japan and the world.  Originally established in 1958 to support Japanese exports abroad, JETRO's strength lies in its global network of more than 120 offices, including 48 in Japan and 74 in 54 other countries.

The Houston office of JETRO is one of six (6) offices in the United States.  Over JETRO-Houston’s 50-year history, it has been working in wide-ranging fields to connect Japanese business to Texas.  JETRO-Houston assists companies in the U.S. South Central Region successfully invest in Japan and provides support to Japanese companies seeking to establish a business presence in the region.

JETRO-Houston is fully committed to being a reliable ally for business people and stakeholders and provides a variety of business development resources including data collection and analysis of information for insight into markets, economies and political environments. JETRO-Houston has assisted with the establishment of branch offices, the opening of R&D facilities, and the formation of joint ventures.  JETRO-Houston also provides direct access to Invest Japan Business Support Centers where American companies can be supplied with market information as well as legal, tax, HR, and other consultation.

The work of JETRO-Houston helps to ensure that Japan remains a trusted economic partner to Texas and the world.