Eat a Rice Ball, Feed the World

November is Washoku (和食) Month!  And as this month of celebrating Japanese cuisine happens to fall close to World Food Day, our friends at the charitable organization Table For Two have started a campaign that combats world hunger through onigiri (おにぎり), i.e., rice balls.

Through November 30, 2016, every social media posting in which a photo of an onigiri appears with the hashtag #OnigiriAction, Table For Two will provide five school meals to children in need.

In support of the campaign, the Japan-America Society of Houston (JASH) has partnered with IZAKAYA WA to bring you the "WA Special Onigiri Set."  For a limited time, IZAKAYA WA will be offering on its dinner menu the "WA Special Onigiri Set" composed of one (1)  "Hakusai Onigiri" (a rice ball containing marinated mountain vegetables wrapped in pickled Nappa Cabbage) and one (1) "Sake Onigiri" (a rice ball containing grilled salmon with yuzu pepper seasoning).

All you need to do is:

  1. Have dinner at IZAKAYA WA.
  2. Order the "WA Special Onigiri Set."
  3. Take a snapshot of your onigiri. 
  4. Upload your photo(s) to the social media platform of your liking with the hashtag #OnigiriAction.

No social media presence? No problem! You can still support the cause in integral fashion by moving your photos over to the Onigiri Action website and uploading them directly to the site.

It's an excellent opportunity to do some good in an age as obsessed with cellphone photography as it is with food, so tell your onigiri to smile, and feed a child in need.

To learn more about the campaign, visit

10月16日は国連が設定した世界食糧デー、そして11月は和食月間。今年もヒューストン日米協会(JASH)は、開発途上国の飢餓と先進国の肥満や生活習慣病の解消に同時の取り組む日本発の社会貢献運動「TABLE FOR TWO」の「おにぎりアクション2016」をサポートします。

日本食のシンボルであるおにぎりの写真やおにぎりと一緒の写真を1枚投稿することで、アフリカ・アジアの子供達に給食5食分が寄付されるこのキャンペーン。JASHはメモリアル地区にある日本食レストランIzakaya Waと協力して、ディナーメニューに期間限定で、Wa スペシャルおにぎりセット「山菜の白菜巻きと鮭のゆず胡椒おにぎり」をご用意致しました。