Harvey Aftermath


In the immediate aftermath of the terrible disaster that has affected the residents of Houston and its surrounding areas, we wish to extend to you our concern for your and your loved ones’ wellbeing.

A number of individuals, organizations and Japanese businesses have contacted us to know how they could contribute to local relief efforts and inquiring whether we have plans for a program to do so.  We have responded that we are working to define how best we may be able to serve the community relief and recovery efforts.

We recognize that recovery will be an extremely long process.  Victims, volunteers, members of relief organizations and government officials at all levels will be taxed to their limits of endurance.  Accordingly, we hope to provide assistance at times and in areas we identify as needing attention.

We have established a fund to be utilized to promote our efforts, and we will inform you of account details and of opportunities for you to participate shortly.

In the meantime, please make safety your highest priority.  If you believe we may be able to provide you assistance, please communicate with us.



私達は、今回の甚大な被害からの回復には非常に長い期間が必要であると認識しています。 被災者、ボランティア、救援組織のメンバー、市・郡レベルの職員等、すべてのレベルで、復興まで長期にわたる持久戦となるだろうと考えております。そのため適切な時期に、必要とする場所に、支援を届けたいと考え、慎重に状況把握に努めています。