2019 Houston Regional Japanese Language Speech Contest

On Saturday, February 16, 2019, Japanese language learners from across the Houston region came together at the University of St. Thomas to compete in the 30th Annual Japanese Language Speech Contest.

Thirty-eight (38) contestants demonstrated their Japanese skills in the areas of (i) POETRY RECITATION, (ii) HAIKU, (iii) FREE SPEECH AURORA, and (iv) FREE SPEECH COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY.

The contest coincided with National Language Advocacy Day, giving all participants the opportunity to join the national “LEAD WITH LANGUAGES” campaign and tell their own stories of Japanese language learning success.

"Otsukaresama" to all participants, and "omedetou gozaimasu" to all winners.

Thank you for your inspiring displays of courage, initiative, diligence and enthusiasm.

Winners are listed below by division.  Those placing in the top two will move on to the TEXAS STATE JAPANESE LANGUAGE SPEECH CONTEST, which will be held on March 23, 2019.


1.       Hayagreev JAYARAM – 9th, Bellaire High School

2.       Carrie ELTER – 9th, William P. Clements High School

3.       Kameron MARTINEZ – 10th, Morton Ranch High School


1.       Emily LENT – 10th, Cinco Ranch High School

2.       Richard MA – 10th, William P. Clements High School

3.       Tori CHOU – 11th, William P. Clements High School


1.       Ruobin KONG – 11th, William P. Clements High School

2.       Annie ZHOU – 12th, William P. Clements High School

3.       Alice LIU – 12th, Bellaire High School


1.       Kyle CHOW – Senior, Rice University

2.      Lucas MENDOZA – Sophomore, Texas A&M University

3.       Meredith AUCOCK – Junior, Rice University


Consulate-General of Japan in Houston