On Tuesday, March 19, JASH hosted a NAJAS/KKC BUSINESS SPEAKER SERIES PROGRAM at The Briar Club.

The NAJAS/KKC Business Speaker Series is a collaboration between Keizai Koho Center of Keidanren and the National Association of Japan-America Societies (NAJAS) to bring original business content regarding US-Japan ties to Japan America Societies across the United States.

Begun in 2012, there have been over 35 presentations at Japan America Societies to date, in which senior executives of Japanese businesses discuss trends in their industry, their corporate outlook, their investments in the US and how those fit their overall business strategy. The program highlights the deepening US-Japan bilateral relationship on the investment side.

This year NAJAS is sponsoring six programs at six different Japan-America Societies, with different Japanese companies, including Mitsubishi Corp, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Marubeni Corp.

The grants from NAJAS are competitive, and we are pleased that JASH was selected this year.

Insurance is an industry in which Japanese companies have been active in the US, as US companies have been in Japan. Recently, a number of major Japanese insurance companies have made acquisitions in the US, as part of their global growth strategy.

It was an honor to have Tokio Marine, which has been among the most active Japanese insurance companies, and HHC, a Houston company, to describe their merger and their plans in the US and Houston.

Tokio Marine North America, Inc. President & CEO Yasu Fukuda spoke to TM Group's global strategy, and Tokio Marine HCC President William Burke spoke to the synergy and merit of joining the TM Group. 

Also providing context for the Tokio Marine acquisition of HCC while expanding on the importance of the U.S.-Japan economic relationship was Yasuhiro Uozumi, Executive Director of Keidanren, USA. Keidanren, long recognized and respected as the leading voice for Japanese businesses, is committed to reinforcing the strength and resilience of U.S.-Japan economic ties by further developing the communication channels between Japan and the United States.


  • Mr. Yasu FUKUDA

    President & CEO

    Tokio Marine North America, Inc.

  • Mr. William BURKE


    Tokio Marine HCC

  • Mr. Yasuhiro UOZUMI

    Executive Director

    Keidanren, USA